Dungs Gas, Dungs, Gas Controls, Gas filters, Gas Trains, Ball Valve for Gases, Solenoid Valves For Gases, Mumbai, India  

Dungs Gas, Dungs, Gas Controls, Gas filters, Gas Trains, Ball Valve for Gases, Solenoid Valves For Gases.


Established in Germany in 1945, Dungs is an expert in the field of safety and combustion control technology and an important partner to the burner, heating, air conditioning and process heat industry offering top quality technological products.

  • Ball valves

  • Gas filters up to 16 bar.

  • Pressure switches for air, gas and flue gas for positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure.

  • Gas pressure regulators, slam shut off valves and safety blow off valves.

  • Ratio regulators, zero governors and constant pressure regulators.

  • Valve proving systems for combustible gases and hydrogen.

  • Single solenoid valves, fast and slow opening with flow adjustment and solenoid valves for pulse firing.

  • Multibloc valves with pressure regulation with and without ratio regulation.

  • Double solenoid valves and low power consumption eco version valves.

  • Motorised actuators and Linear flow control valves.

  • Burner controllers and flame monitors.

  • Pneumatic operated Single and double Butterfly valves for pressures up to 5.0 bar.

  • Bourdon and Capsule type pressure gauges for gas.

  • Special solenoid valves and pressure switches for Bio gas and Sewage gas with TÜV approval.

  • Special products with ATEX approval.

  • Complete assembled gas trains to customer specifications for various applications including gas engines.

  • Gas meters.


MPA 51

Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

Overpressure Switches


Circulation Regulator &
Safety Pressure Relief

Burner Control System

Gas Trains

Multifunctional Gas Control


Manual Shut-off Valves

GasMultiBloc - Single Stage

GasMultiBloc - Two Stage

One-Stage Solenoid Valve


Gas Pressure Regulator

Gas & Air Filters

Valve Proving Systems

One-Stage Solenoid Valves



One-Stage Double
Solenoid Valves

Zero Pressure Regulator

Ball Valves



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